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February 2, 2023

how to viral reel on Instagram 2023

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how to viral reel on Instagram 2023

If you want view on your Reels follow these tips-

  • 1. Follow Trends (shoot reels on those videos which are currently trending like “music, filter, challenge etc) follow some good content creators or popular hashtags so that you will always be aware of the popular trends and viral reels.
  • 2. Use popular hashtags for your reels , usually people copy hashtags from other reels or they copy them from the internet, hashtag (seo) is important for making your reels go viral if you are not famous or you don’t have an audience, hashtags are a way to gain certain amount of audience

How to find the perfect hashtag?

There are a lot of hashtags, will your reels get viral or be on the trending page if you will use them?

Its depends on which hashtags are used in the trend and which aren’t

There are various types of hashtags-

Reels hashtag and Normal hashtag-


  • #life, #love, #video (these hashtags have millions of followers but, will it help your reels get views? not much, because your reels audience are at a different place, these hashtags will not show your reels video on those accounts who want to watch reels video (or those who are interested ) theses hashtags will get you some likes or views, people will watch and might scroll down without liking or following you.


  • #trending #viralreels #dancereels #reelschallange (these types of hashtags also have millions of followers, will help you attract better audiences and views on your reels, because these hashtags will suggest your reels video to the interested audience on ig so yeah you might get good amount of likes and views.

And hashtags catagory wise– like if you are making dance reels video use dance reels hashtag , for cooking use cooking hashtag. Etc hashtags should be related to whatever you are showing in the reel.

If you are a beginner have some patience because million of users are making & uploading reels on ig at the same time, competition is high, at the start it could happen that your reels will be not come up on the trending for you pages but after some time if you are consistent your videos might start trending, because later you will understand which hashtag to use content and how to shoot viral reels video.

Pro tips – no need to use expensive camera, place nothing.

Use your phone, outdoor or your room , and shoot your reels.

This tips for those have talent “photographer, dancer, artist , etc”

  • Make your self as brand, fact people follow those account which looks like professional so Desgin your instagram account your post outlook and then you are done, so when anyone will watch your reels video and if viewer will like your reels, for Sure, viewer will open your account if your account will be like normal he/she will not follow you, i don’t understand reason behind this but you have to show your instagram account as brand so you will get more followers by your reels when your reels will reach at more audiance.
  • Blog “ not posible for everyone actually”, but if you be successfully able to write blogs , Quora this will also help to get lots of audience. And ya if you are talented they will support you a lot. First manage your ig then try to get audience from reels then create blog for your brand. And blog seo is different from ig so need knowledge. That’s the reason don’t focus on blog in strating.
  • Upload reels every weekend dont think about views use right hashtag and upload 2 to 3 reels per week. (Ig Algorithm behind this)

I have tried to keep it simple so you can understand whatever i want to deliver to you

Hope this will help you if you still have any further questions feel free to ask 🙂 Thank you

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