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February 2, 2023

How to go viral on YouTube for free 2023

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how to go viral on youtube for free 2023

YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. The best thing about YouTube is that anyone can upload videos on it and sometimes the videos can even go viral.

You must be wondering what exactly can be done to make your video go viral on YouTube?

Well, you can’t really stick to a specific magic formula when it comes to making a video go viral on YouTube. But the videos that go viral consist of some unique features that your video may lack.

After researching a few viral videos, here are some tips that can help you make your YouTube videos go viral within minutes.

Keep yourself centered on the trends

That is absolutely the easiest way. Want to go viral? Keep an eye on what is striking the emotional chords of the world at this time and go for that topic.

Collect your video content using research, collate your content, even make a compilation.

If you centre it around the trends, you’ll be watched. Just make as good a video as you can.

Court Controversy

Yep, you heard that right. You don’t want to win any awards for being the Ms. Nice Gal, right? You want to go viral!

People love sharing hard-hitting content. If you dare to say what most people will not, it will create an emotional impact and many time people share stuff just for the shock impact of it.

So if all you care about is going viral, don’t shy away from controversy.

Tweet it hard!

Anything that goes viral needs some initial traction around it. You need to give the ball a hard push from the top of the mountain before it goes speeding along.

Do you have any friends who will share your content? Make some if not.

Share your content with influencers and ask them to post it. Be shameless about it, a No won’t break your bones.

Get it shared, get that ball rolling. You’ll be viral before you know it.

And yes… Here’s some more good advice.

Create Unique videos

Content is the key in YouTube videos. It plays an important role in making your videos go viral. Everyone knows that boring videos will never go viral. So, you need to think out of the box and produce interesting videos to attract more people.

Instead of posting simple videos, showcase your products or services in a unique way that the world has never seen before. While creating videos, do not divert from your topic. Stick to the topic till the end and describe it in every way so that all the questions of the viewers are answered.

Keep your content short but informative

It is difficult to retain the attention of your viewers till the end of the video and so you must cut short your videos. Many people on YouTube ignore long videos even if they contain an interesting title. This is why YouTube Shorts are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

YouTube Shorts are videos that are less than 60 seconds long. This is a great way to go viral within a few days or you can also opt for creating YouTube videos that are less than 6 minutes to keep your viewers keep watching your video till the end.

To make viewers watch Shorts, you need to create compelling content. If viewers like your videos, they will further share them making your post go viral.

Improve the title of your videos

Without a proper title of your video, you can never expect your content to go viral on YouTube. The title is the first thing that a viewer notices in your videos and so it should have the capability to attract more audiences.

Titles must always be catchy and unique to compel the viewers to watch your video. Make your title descriptive but concise and prefer using power words like “Amazing”, “Excellent”, “Affordable”, and so on. Also, include keywords in your title as keywords are the most important things when it comes to SEO.

Write a useful description relevant to your video

While uploading videos on YouTube, the description section may seem like the last thing you would want to fill out. But never miss out on this portion because it is very important for SEO.

Give your video a description of at least 200 words filled with keywords and phrases that are related to your niche. Therefore, you must do keyword research before starting to write the description.

Utilize the description area to add links inviting the users to subscribe to your channel or you can also add other contact information.

Use proper tags

Tags act as essential keywords. Just like titles and descriptions, tags are also important to make your video go viral because they make your videos rank in the search results.

When you add tags to your video, a person searching for similar tags or phrases may get your video on top results. Using the right tags include words that are only relevant to your video. Irrelevant tags might demote your videos from the search results. Start with longer tags of 3-4 words and then come down to 1 word.

Reach out to your target audience & similar brands

Connecting with similar brands of your niche that are having a large subscribers count is one of the best ways to make your videos go viral. Plan out a way to make other brands share your videos with their audiences. Also, try to collaborate with other YouTubers of your niche to make your presence among their audiences.

Reaching out and telling people about your video can help you to succeed on YouTube and create more viral videos. Make people believe in you and the content you are producing. Once they start believing in your videos, they will start sharing your videos and you will see a sharp increase in your subscriber count.

Promote your videos on all social media platforms

Social media marketing is growing popular nowadays and so utilizing such platforms to promote your videos will be a smart move. This is considered the best way to get your video to reach more people apart from the ones who have already subscribed to your YouTube channel.

When it comes to advertising your YouTube videos on social media platforms, you need to use them wisely. Each platform has its own specification. Therefore, it is necessary for you to understand the features and audiences of each platform properly before promoting your videos.

For example, if you want to promote your content on Instagram, you need to upload the complete video on IGTV because Instagram doesn’t support clickable links. On the other hand, Facebook and Twitter are easier to advertise as you can paste the link to your YouTube video right away.

Add a high-quality thumbnail

The basic goal of thumbnails on YouTube videos is to get the maximum clicks. Thumbnails must always be relevant to the title and content of your videos as it enhances viewer’s expectations. Seeing your thumbnail, viewers create an image of your video in their minds before they click to watch your video.

Make sure your thumbnail is capable enough to attract more audiences. Use texts along with images on thumbnails as it increases engagement. Font style is another essential factor that must be kept in mind. Use a font style that is easily understandable and prefer contrasting colors to attract the attention of the viewers.

An additional trick if all these options fail

In case these tricks do not work out for you, don’t worry, there is still a solution that can provide you with guaranteed success.

Going live helps.

Go live with your video, even if it is a pre-recorded one. YouTube will place your video at the top of the results and that will get you a lot of viewers.

With LiveCaster3, you can create pre-recorded videos and schedule them to go live on multiple platforms simultaneously. It is 100% hands-free and does not require any third-party app. Also, it will make your videos rank higher not only on YouTube but also on Google which increases your chances of going viral.

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