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December 19, 2021

Fb reels download online 2022 Everything You need to know Fb Reels Downloader

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In this article you will learn about fb reels download online , In this article we will learn to download Facebook reels in mobile and pc .

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You can use website to download videos from facebook , instagram , twitter , pinterest and more top websites , First you need to open reels section on your facebook app , then click on share button on reel and click on copy link button .

Then open website and paste copied link in that website , The website will look like below screenshot and you can open this website in Pc and Mobile devices.

You can use Paste from Clipboard button and it will paste your copied link in URL bar and then you can click on Download button , it will load for some time and then it will show to options to download video in high quality or low quality , you can download video , according to your need .

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You can also download videos from Watch on Facebook section with this website or you can download videos if some user in your profile have posted some video . This methods works from iPhone , Android , Windows and Mac devices

First you need to click on 3 dots above the video , it will open option menu for videos

Then you need to Click on Copy Link button

Then Open website in Chrome Browser or any other browser , you can also open website by clicking here .

Then you need to paste video URL in URL bar and click on download button

it will show options to download video in high quality and low quality , if there is some audio file then you can download audio version of that file too .

You can also visit website

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